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When my mum, May (you may know her as “Maisie”), died in February 2006 she took with her a vast knowledge of the family of which I am just a part. I had relied on her , pictured above, to tell me who was who. So at family events such as weddings or anniversaries I could depend on mum to tell me who the “man in the grey suit” or “the woman with the small child” was.

I decided a over ten years ago  (2007) to try to recapture this missing family knowledge not only to satisfy my own curiosity but more for those who follow. It took five years to complete. There are many children and young people both sides of the Atlantic who have no idea of their origins. Of course, being young, they probably are not at all interested but in the future, perhaps when they have children of their own, they may well be curious about their own history. Simple questions can be difficult to address when the answer lies in the past.

My full name is David Prescott Barr. For years I hated my middle name because it made me stand out from my playground pals and now I love it for the very same reason. But where did it come from? Moreover there are to my knowledge four other people, with the same middle name as me. In undertaking this McKeown Family Tree Project I hope to answer this and many more questions.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website, I hope you enjoy what you find.

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My name is David Barr and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have gathered information from the wider family in Ireland, Australia and America.

Its now time to share it with you.

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Although great care has been taken to ensure accuracy with 600 photographs (and descriptions) and page and pages of facts I’m sure you will find some mistakes I have missed.  If so please drop me a line to let me know.

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